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 Sept 2023

On Saturday Sept 16th the Guitar Breaks Jam Camps wil be back! This Jam Camp will feature the playing of two legendary guitarists; Carlos Santana and Paul Kossoff. We'll be playing "Black Magic Woman" and "Wishing Well" with the Jam Camp band and spend a whole day diving into what makes the playing of these to guys so timeless. Impeccable phrasing and sense of melody is a good place to start! Thanks to everyone who has made the first year of the Jam Camps so fun and rewarding! Hope to see you on the 16th. You can book and get more info on the link below.

I'm really looking forward to playing on Sept 2nd with The cast of Sunny Afternoon, the Ray Davies/Kinks musical, at Rushfest on Southern Green, Rushden, Buntingford, SG9 OSW. You'd struggle  to beat a back catolgue of songs like Ray Davies, it's going to be a great night. We're on at 8:30. You can get tickets on the link below.

July 2023

I'm going to be doing a Blues and Classic Rock soloing masterclass with the folks over at Guitar Breaks in a couple of weeks on Saturday July 29th. It'll be an all day event, so we'll have loads of time to get into everything that makes these genres so fun to play. I'll have the chance to sit down on a one to one basis with everyone and give you some constructive feedback on your playing and suggest some things you can work on to improve in the future. There will be lots of concepts and licks to learn, jamming and you will all work on writing your own solos. It's at the same venue as the Jam Camps; Warfield, just outside of Bracknell. You can book by going to the Guitar Breaks website. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you there!

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